Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday ~ October 19 ~ Monique is out of rehab!

Today was a monumental day as Monique left CPMC! I met her at CPMC and with barely any help from the PT staff, we were able to get her in in my car. She did most of it herself and it is incredible how mobile she has become. She will be staying at her dear friends' Tyler and Johnny's in Novato for a couple of weeks. She still has to be non-weight bearing on her right leg for two more weeks. Regardless, she is a master of getting around with her walker. She truly inspires us all everyday.

I know Mo is constantly posting updates on Facebook and Tweeting.

She greatly appreciates all of your continual support. Keep it coming as she makes this transition to a more normal routine especially outside the hospital/rehab. This is where she really needs us!


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