Sunday, October 4, 2009

A note about Monique' Donation Account

Please see the attached email that Pete has written to spread out to the greater community about Monique's Donation Account. This is directed at some of Monique's fan sites including Face Book, but I think it is nice to share on the blog too. Thank you Pete.......

October 2, 2009

Dear Friends,

Our dear friend and fellow Ironman triathlete Monique Petrov, who was preparing to compete in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, was struck down while riding on Wednesday, September 16th. She was in the intensive care unit at Marin General, hospitalized with major injuries. Word spread quickly throughout the triathlon and cycling community - she suffered a broken arm, a fractured femur, multiple broken vertebrae, a punctured lung, a shattered kneecap and extensive scrapes, including on herface. With the Ironman event in Kona, Hawaii coming up, Monique had been training hard. Two years ago she competed at Ironman World Championships, was injured and didn't finish and was crushed. She was devastated that she didn't finish and vowed that she would get in better shape and compete again. It should be obvious that her goal, at least for the time being, is on hold. She is doing all she can to improve each day, although it will be a long road for her recovery.

With Monique's approval, the "Monique Petrov Donation Account" has been set up to provide support during her recovery. There are a few possible ways to give:

1. You can make a payment through PayPal. The address to donate to is:

2. If you use online banking at Wells Fargo, you can make an online payment (transfer) from your own account to the "Monique Petrov Donation Account" established at:

Wells Fargo Bank
Account #: 9918242042
ABA#: 121042882

3. You can write a check to the "Monique Petrov Donation Account" and mail
it to:

Danielle Cane
28 Westwood Dr.
San Rafael, CA 94901

(make checks payable to "Monique Petrov Donation Account")

Monique is getting tons of love and support, but your financial contributions will go a long way on her road to recovery as well. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Pete Cadwell

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