Sunday, September 27, 2009

Latest Update, Sunday ~ September 27

Hi everyone,

> It's been a couple days since I updated everyone, which if
> you hadn't guessed is a good sign.  All the tubes running
> into her chest have been removed, Physical Therapy has her
> standing once a day, and she is looking great.  Her progress
> over the last week is unreal.  On the surface, if you don't
> count a few abrasions and incisions, she looks almost
> normal.  But she still struggles with the pain from her 10+
> broken bones and numerous surgical incisions.  As far as I
> know she might be leaving the hospital this week for a
> rehabilitation facility in San Francisco, where she'll begin
> the next step in the recovery process.
> Along with her rapid progress I am also truly touched by
> the amount of people who have reached out to Monique, her
> family, and me.  So many of you have inquired about seeing her and I apologize for not setting up a schedule for visiting.  I really appreciate your patience in the matter. Those of you who have
> spent time in the hospital know how hard it is to get sleep
> and how important it is in the recovery process.  The
> combination of sleepless nights, over-stimulation of the
> hospital environment, and the constant nagging of injuries
> can drain a person to the point of exhaustion only to start
> the process again the next day.
> All the notes, cards, emails, text messages, phone calls,
> flowers, offers of assistance, food, gifts, and positive
> energy directed our way has blown me away and has helped us
> out immensely.  In time I hope to thank each and everyone
> of you.  Knowing that you are all here to help at a moments
> notice is a breath of fresh air.  I think William
> Shakespeare said it best, "I can no other answer make, but,
> thanks, and thanks."
> Take care,
> Adam


  1. Thank you Adam! You are doing an amazing job and we are all so grateful for all you have done for Monique. xo Sandy

  2. It's so good to hear, Adam! Thanks so much for taking the time to fill us in!- Yi

  3. Thank you, Adam, indeed! You and I haven't met, but I knew Monique well before we moved to Boston last year. I worked at Endurance with her, trained with her, etc. I'm so glad to hear that you are in her life and taking such good care of her. Thank you for your updates and for taking care of our friend!

  4. Adam, we truly appreciate the updated posts. Emotion rides within us all as we heard about Monique's accident and witness her strength and recovery. I look forward to paying her a visit. Meanwhile, tell her to continue holding "forest green" - she'll understand!
    Dorette Franks