Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mo is out of the hospital!!!!


Just a quick update that Monique was transferred yesterday to a rehab facility at CPMC. She is at the Davies Campus in the city.

CPMC Davies Campus
Davies North Tower
Castro & Duboce Streets
San Francisco, CA 94114

This is great news as it was not supposed to happen to later this week. She will have PT every morning for a few hours and in the afternoon...long, hard days! I am not sure about visitors, but she is reachable by cell. Flowers, cards, etc. can be sent I believe to the above address. Might want to call first to make sure they get to the right place!

Thank you again for all your undying strength and support ~ keep it coming! I know she appreciates all so much. She truly is amazing.


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  1. Wow...such good news and quick! Fantastic. Again...folks she's never met in southern California pulling for her. Tell her that she's an inspiration to all of us for sure! May she continue a speedy recovery.